These products are designed to carry ballisitc panels from our concealable body armor systems. Body Armor Carriers are intended to extend the use of any concealable body armor system.

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Body Armor Carriers


Tactical Plate Carrier

Top Line Armor's ballistic plate carrier is designed to meet the requirements of law enforcement professionals.

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Tactical Outer Carrier - Fits Concealable Panels

Tactical Outer Shell

The Tactical Outer shell Carrier is our ballistic panel and tactical equipment carrier featuring a MOLLE system which provides officers with maximum equipment configuration options.

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Extra Carrier - Street Shirt™

Top-Line Armor's exclusive outer body armor carrier that is designed to look like a police uniform shirt.

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Extra Carrier - STANDARD

Our "Standard Body Armor" lightweight concealable body armor carrier is 100% manufactured in the USA, uses top of the line materials and is adjustable to ensure long lasting comfort.

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Extra Carrier - ENHANCED

The Top Line enhanced concealable body armor system is manufactured utilizing top-of-the-line ballistic materials and over the shoulder adjustments to ensure long lasting comfort.

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