STREET SHIRT® - Level IIIA protection with level II comfort!

Street Shirt® - Top-Line Armor Systems Uniform Shirt Body Armor CarrierSacrificing ballistic protection for comfort is not a concept that we at Top-Line Armor can understand. Why officers and departments are opting for level II armor is a mystery, when Top-Line Armor has achieved what many have tried.

Introducing the Street Shirt® a 100% breathable uniform shirt carrier combined with level IIIA ballistics. Our unique Pure Comfort Armor System® combines IIIA protection in a wearable package that rivals the comfort of any level II.

You put your life on the line everyday and deserve the comfort and maximum protection that only our level IIIA system can provide.

Do not sacrifice your protection for comfort when you can have both, with the Top-Line’s Pure Comfort Armor System®.

The Pure Comfort Armor System® includes: a 100% breathable Street Shirt® carrier, Micro-Dry® inner liner with advanced moisture wicking and anti-microbial properties, Level IIIA NIJ 06 Certified Ballistics which are 0.255” thick and have a 44 MAG BFS of 35.4mm while only weighing 1.19 lbs/ft, Internal cummerbund strapping system which helps stabilize the vest provides even more comfort by achieving a secure fit.

Street Shirt | Hunters Edition

Top Line Armor - Street Shirt - Hunters Edition Body Armor
Top-Line Armor’s exclusive Street Shirt® Hunters Edition armor carrier system. Created exclusively for sportsman who want peace of mind and a certified level of ballistic protection.
  • Built with the most breathable materials on the market to ensure maximum comfort
  • MicroDry® Moisture wicking and anti-microbial inner liners
  • Can be comfortably worn under outer garments if weather dictates
  • Lower loading ballistic panel pockets front and rear
  • Internal cumberbun straps for comfort
  • Protect yourself from being one of the thousands of people shot in hunting accidents each year.     * International Hunter Education Association.
  • Level lllA ballistic protection
  • Reversible with choice of other fabric colors
  • 100% Made in the USA
To Learn more about our Street Shirt® "Hunters Edition" contact customer service at 1-800-251-1221

Top Line Ballistic Features

Before you buy body armor consider reviewing our Top Line body armor systems.  Police officers require life saving protection and Top Line Armor has provided body armor products since the inception of concealable body armor. Focused on saving lives, Top Line Body Armor is the choice of many law enforcement professionals when it's time to buy body armor.

Top Line Armor System features:

  • NIJ 06 Compliant body armor
  • Legendary in the initial offering of body armor over 35 years ago
  • Exclusive Ballistic Systems
  • Long lasting durable ballistic materials
  • Cutting edge technology which surpasses NIJ required performance factors in body armor manufacturing

Ultra Shield - Tactical Soft Armor Shield

Ultra Shield - Tactical Soft Armor ShieldThe latest in tactical shield technology by Top-Line Armor Systems packed into an ultra lite, ultra fast and ultra compact soft armor shield system. The Ultra-Shield® is a must have for any active shooter situation.

  • Weighing in at 8.5 lbs makes the Ultra-Shield® ultra lite
  • Deployable in seconds makes the Ultra-Shield® ultra fast in any situation
  • Stored in a 18”x11”x5 Inch package the Ultra-Shield® is ultra compact
  • Lower loading ballistic panel pockets
  • Reinforced style straps for durability
  • Rods provide rigid framing reinforcement
  • Includes three rows of MOLLE for additional equipment
  • Detachable shoulder strap
  • NIJ 06 Certified Level IIIA Ballistics
To Learn more about our Ultra-Shield® contact customer service at 1-800-251-1221

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