STREET SHIRT® - Level IIIA protection with level II comfort!

Street Shirt® - Top-Line Armor Systems Uniform Shirt Body Armor CarrierSacrificing ballistic protection for comfort is not a concept that we at Top-Line Armor can understand. Why officers and departments are opting for level II armor is a mystery, when Top-Line Armor has achieved what many have tried.

Introducing the Street Shirt® a 100% breathable uniform shirt carrier combined with level IIIA ballistics. Our unique Pure Comfort Armor System® combines IIIA protection in a wearable package that rivals the comfort of any level II.

You put your life on the line everyday and deserve the comfort and maximum protection that only our level IIIA system can provide.

Do not sacrifice your protection for comfort when you can have both, with the Top-Line’s Pure Comfort Armor System®.

The Pure Comfort Armor System® includes: a 100% breathable Street Shirt® carrier, Micro-Dry® inner liner with advanced moisture wicking and anti-microbial properties, Level IIIA NIJ 06 Certified Ballistics which are 0.255” thick and have a 44 MAG BFS of 35.4mm while only weighing 1.19 lbs/ft, Internal cummerbund strapping system which helps stabilize the vest provides even more comfort by achieving a secure fit.

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